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The Daily Rundown — April 12, 2017: FSU’s Contest with Stetson Canceled

Larry Novey/FSU athletics

Happy hump day, Florida State fans. Keep it here for the latest in FSU athletics. The news and notes section will be updated throughout the day.

Lead Story

After the way the season has gone to this point, many are hoping to see less of Florida State baseball. On Tuesday, that wish was granted.

In a release, FSU announced that it was cancelling next Tuesday’s contest with Stetson, which will not be made up. The April 19 contest the following day has been pushed back from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. The contest will air on ACC Network Extra.

Playing games with the Hatters has been difficult the last couple years. FSU took both contests in Tallahassee last season, but the meeting scheduled for DeLand was postponed and later canceled.

Between the Lines

Florida completed the season sweep of Florida State on Tuesday with a 10-7 victory.

On the Agenda

No. 1 FSU softball will visit No. 3 Florida at 7 p.m. EST. The contest will air on SEC Network.

News and Notes

On Tuesday night, Florida State head coach Mike Martin said Dylan Busby should be back for this weekend against Clemson. Jackson Lueck’s status is unknown.

FSU closer Drew Carlton could move back to the rotation this weekend as the Sunday starter, per Martin.

Florida State and Virginia Tech will open the 2018 season against one another on Labor Day.

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Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson


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