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Sunday Seminole Summary: FSU Football Adds Pair of WR Transfers

Oregon athletics

Florida State football was able to address a position of need this week with two former Pac-12 wide receivers via the transfer portal.

The first came in the form of Oregon wide receiver Mycah Pittman.

A native of Tampa, Pittman has just 38 catches for his career for 547 yards and two touchdowns. He was a serviceable punt returner for the Ducks this past season, averaging better than 10 yards per return.

On Wednesday, Arizona State’s Johnny Wilson pledged his commitment to FSU. Wilson is a huge target at 6-foot-7 and 230 pounds.

As a redshirt freshman last season, Wilson caught 12 passes for 154 yards and a touchdown.

The additions give FSU two new options and adds depth to a position that has underachieved in recent years. Among those expected to return for FSU at the position are Ontaria Wilson, Keyshawn Helton, Andrew Parchment, Darion Williamson, Joshua Burrell and Malik McClain.


Weekly Commitments: None
Weekly Decommitments: None
2022 Recruiting Class Ranking*: No. 14 nationally, second in ACC (16 total commitments)*
Big Picture: FSU made some noise via the transfer portal this week with the addition of two wide receivers.

Men’s Basketball

Record: 6-4 (0-1 ACC)
Ranking: N/A
Past Week: Idle. FSU’s contest with North Florida was postponed due to COVID-19 protocols.
Upcoming: at Boston College (Wednesday); at NC State (Saturday)
Weekly Commitments: None
Weekly Decommitments: None
2022 Recruiting Class Ranking*: No. 21 nationally, seventh in ACC (6 total commitments)*
Big Picture: FSU will have gone two weeks without playing when it takes on Boston College this week.

Women’s Basketball

Record: 6-5
Ranking: N/A
Past Week: (0-1), lost to Virginia Tech on Sunday, 92-75
Upcoming: at Wake Forest (Thursday)
Big Picture: Like the men, the FSU women also had a contest lost to COVID-19 protocols. The Seminoles did drop their ACC opener to Virginia Tech.

*Rankings according to 247Sports Composite

Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson


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