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Sunday Seminole Summary: FSU Football Exits ESD With Top-15 Class

Florida State athletics

Wednesday was a day with high highs and low lows, but Florida State football will exit the Early Signing Period with a top-15 class.

FSU is currently ranked 13th nationally and second in the ACC, according to the 247Sports Composite. The big news however, was the nation’s No. 1 overall recruit Travis Hunter flipping from FSU to Jackson State and FSU legend Deion Sanders. The Seminoles also lost the commitment of 4-star wide receiver Devaughn Mortimer to Louisville.

Despite missing on a couple of key pieces and losing a couple others, the day for FSU finished strong with the addition of 4-star tackle Julian Armella. FSU also landed the commitment of 4-star athlete Azareyeh Thomas, one of the nation’s top-100 prospects.

4-star edge rusher Dante Anderson will also join the team as a walk-on. The first letter of intent to come in on Wednesday was from FSU’s top remaining commitment, 5-star safety Sam McCall.

Of the 16 current commitments, 15 have signed with FSU. Antavious Woody is the lone exception.

The current class features McCall as the lone 5-star, but Armella, Thomas, Woody, quarterback AJ Duffy, offensive linemen Jaylen Early and Qae’shon Sapp are all 4-star prospects.


Weekly Commitments: Azareyeh Thomas, 4-star ATH (No. 93 overall)*; Julian Armella, 4-star T (No. 126 overall)*
Weekly Decommitments: Travis Hunter, 5-star CB (No. 1 overall)*; Devaughn Mortimer, 4-star (No. 336 overall)*
2022 Recruiting Class Ranking*: No. 13 nationally, second in ACC (16 total commitments)*
Big Picture: It wasn’t the greatest Early Signing Period for FSU, but the Seminoles leave with a top-15 class.

Men’s Basketball

Record: 6-4
Ranking: N/A
Past Week: (1-1), lost to South Carolina in No Room for Racism Classic on Sunday, 66-65; beat Lipscomb on Wednesday, 97-60
Upcoming: vs. North Florida (Tuesday)
Weekly Commitments: None
Weekly Decommitments: None
2022 Recruiting Class Ranking*: No. 21 nationally, seventh in ACC (6 total commitments)*
Big Picture: FSU’s struggles continued this week against South Carolina, but the Seminoles did bounce back to handle Lipscomb. FSU’s contest with UCF in the Orange Bowl Classic was canceled due to COVID-19 protocols.

Women’s Basketball

Record: 6-4
Ranking: N/A
Past Week: (0-2), lost to Florida on Sunday, 69-55; lost to Houston on Thursday, 78-68
Upcoming: vs. Virginia Tech (Sunday)
Big Picture: Like the FSU men, the FSU women have also struggled on the hardwood. The Seminoles had a couple disappointing showings this week to fall to 6-4 on the season. Tuesday’s upcoming contest with Kent State has been canceled.

*Rankings according to 247Sports Composite

Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson


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