The Daily Nole

So Long, For Now

Four years ago, we tried something new.

It was called The Daily Nole.

Since the start of the year, it has been just me, editor Mike Ferguson, contributing to the site. For now, I’ll be stepping away — at least temporarily.

Running this website has been a rewarding experience. I have made it a priority to cover all Florida State sports and not just football, men’s basketball and baseball. If nothing else, we have at least done that.

What the future holds for the site is uncertain at this point, but I’m proud of the work that we have done. While Clint Eiland was a student at FSU, he gave press coverage of the football, baseball and men’s and women’s basketball teams. Josh Mixon also gave press coverage of the football team in 2017.

Both of those gentlemen are working full-time in the field of journalism now. That’s something I’m also proud of.

Although we often went without much credit from other outlets, we broke numerous stories during our time, including transfers of Wilson Bell and Sh’Mar Kilby-Lane, a deep thigh bruise to Levonta Taylor and that both Tamorrion Terry and Khalan Laborn qualified academically.

The Daily Nole was founded as a “spin-off” of Noled Out, another FSU website that was previously part of the Bloguin network. A Tallahassee local named Edwin Collins with an FSU forum found the site that I and Clint Eiland were contributing to and we branched off to become The Daily Nole.

Last April, we made some changes that made the daily grind less daunting, but still coincided with the “daily” portion of the site’s name. As my kids grow older and the site continues to be moderately time-consuming, I am going to set my sights elsewhere for the time being.

The site will still be up and I will listen to ideas on where to go from here. If someone wants to take over the daily content portion, can significantly increase advertising revenue, wants to purchase the existing content or the domain name, I will certainly be willing to listen. I can be reached at

Although the daily content will stop — at least for now — the site, email account and social media pages will continue to be active. If anything changes there, we will be sure to let you know.

After more than four years and more than 4,200 articles, I will be stepping away and perhaps for good. This has been a fun ride and I believe the work done here has been quality.

For anyone who has ever read or shared an article, given words of support, followed us on social media or supported us in any way, I sincerely appreciate your support. For now, so long.

Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson. Like The Daily Nole on Facebook. To pitch an idea, author a post or to learn more about The Daily Nole, email Mike Ferguson at