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Your Thoughts Thursday: FSU Will Beat Louisville By Multiple Scores

Mike Erdelyi/FSU Athletics

With a 1-2 record in the books, Florida State football desperately needs all the wins it can manage over the next couple of weeks before facing off against the Clemson Tigers. The Seminoles have one of their best shots of the season against the Louisville Cardinals on Saturday.

We polled our social media following by asking them how they think the game will turn out. Turns out that some confidence is still remaining in the Seminole fan base.

41 percent said that Florida State won’t just win — but it’ll win by multiple scores. If you add in the group that thinks FSU wins by one score, that means a solid 77 percent of those polled believe FSU will notch its second victory of the season.

Our Take
The pendulum is oddly swinging back into FSU’s favor. A close loss to a good Virginia team on the road has restored some faith that players are still fighting hard (even if some units are not very good). Meanwhile, it seems that Louisville’s stock has dropped dramatically since the first half against Notre Dame. The Cardinals were a 2-10 team last year who were figuratively “burned to the ground” by a departing Bobby Petrino. Any struggles on their part should not be surprising.

However, the Cardinals do have an intriguing rushing attack which could cause problems for an FSU defense that gave its best showing of the year last Saturday — and still surrendered 31 points. Though starting quarterback Jawon Pass is a bit of a misnomer, as he is more a threat on the ground than through the air.

On the other side, the defense is still very much a work in progress, and is quite a bit below what FSU faced against Boise State and Virginia. Did someone say “shootout?” We’ll side with the fans on this one, but the more conservative group this time. FSU 42, Louisville 38.

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