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FSU Recruiting: 2019 Class with Chance to be Monumental

Phil Kelly/FSU athletics

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the 2019 recruiting class for Florida State and it is completely warranted.

With defensive tackle Tru Thompson already committed, the Seminoles landed two more recruits from Grayson High School in Georgia last week and they are not done in the state of Georgia or at Grayson for that matter. The Seminoles currently are the favorites to land Grayson’s 5-star linebacker Owen Pappoe, along with Frederica Acadamy athlete JaShawn Sheffield and Hillgrove’s Jaylen McCollough.

All three are friends and members of the True 19 team that faced off against the True 19 team from Texas. Interestingly enough, top FSU targets Grant Gunnell,a quarterback, and Jalen Curry, a receiver, were on that Texas team and they are also friends with Pappoe and company.

Sheffield tweeted Tuesday that he will be visiting FSU on Friday and word is that one of these Georgia prospects may commit to the Seminoles soon. It may be Sheffield, but it may be one of the others. We will find out soon.

Sources in Georgia who are close to the players on the True 19 team feel that FSU has a great chance to land not only the three Georgia 5-stars, but also the two Texas 4-stars. In speaking with a Texas contact about Gunnell, there is an added sense that Gunnell will also be a Seminole. This source predicted Dontavious Jackson and Marvin Wilson to FSU, so it’s a trustworthy one.

If decision time were today, the currently feeling is that FSU would land each of the five aforementioned prospects. FSU is believed to be in the driver seat for 4-star safeties Brendan Gant and Cortez Andrews. Time will tell if this all comes to fruition.

Now to the 2018 class:

Expect the Seminoles to land 4-star cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. on Thursday when he chooses between FSU and Miami. The Seminoles have led throughout the process and should feel confident that another elite defensive back is headed their way.

Warren Thompson is a wide receiver that FSU is trending for and this is something we have been expecting this for a while. Warren, a 4-star, goes to Armwood in Seffner, Florida — a school that FSU traditionally had little luck with.

The belief is that Thompson breaks the trend with the main reason being that he and his family are Florida State fans. If Florida State stays on him, it’s only a matter of time before he joins FSU’s 2018 recruiting class.

The educated speculation here is that FSU also leads for 4-star wide receiver Jaylen Waddle from Episcopal High School. That happens to be the same high school that Wilson, a 5-star defensive tackle inked last cycle, attended.

Amari Gainer will likely join the class at some point as well. Gainer for the moment seems to be taking advantage of the recruiting process while he can. It’ll be interesting to see if FSU lands Gunnell this summer whether or not 4-star Houston wide receiver Brennan Eagles will soon follow.


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