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Staff Predictions for FSU-Miami

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Through wind, rain, and hurricane, the Florida State Seminoles’ rivalry game with the Miami Hurricanes plans to happen this Saturday night. A tumultuous weekend will likely get even more raucous when the teams finally take the field, with one trying to keep its season alive, and the other attempting to break a 6-year losing streak.

Miami has largely romped through the first four games of the season up to this point. The Hurricanes remain undefeated at 4-0 with a total score differential of 188-44. Some of this can be attributed to their schedule strength (only one Power 5 opponent in Georgia Tech) but it would be foolish to underestimate junior quarterback Brad Kaaya. He has spearheaded a prolific offense with career-highs in yards per pass attempt and passer efficiency rating. On the other side of the ball, a stout line has anchored the Miami defense so far.

The story is pretty different for the other team. Florida State just experienced a devastating loss to North Carolina that all but ended its ACC title hopes. For now, all it really has left to play for is pride. That can be accomplished by beating its rivals. FSU running back Dalvin Cook and the offense have displayed the ability to carry the team so far; it’s up to the defense to slow down the Miami attack.

We might have a different look, but we’re still the same staff that has brought you up-to-date information and introspective pieces for this season. Editor Mike Ferguson introduced the Hurricanes in his first look piece, and pointed out the similarities between the current season and the 2011 season. Meanwhile, lead writer Clint Eiland argued that fans needed to direct their criticisms in the right place, and gave an in-depth preview of the match-up.

Will Florida State extend the streak? Can the Seminoles defense rally? Are the Hurricanes at full strength? The Daily Nole staff of Eiland, Ferguson, digital content manager Edwin Collins, recruiting analyst Jay Brading and contributors T.J. Pittinger and Robert Blackburn weigh in below:

Clint: 38-35, FSU. Luckily, Brad Kaaya won’t have to be accounted for in the run game, so the defense might not get completely gashed. It will still get beat through the air however. Expect Kaaya to have another great game, but will it be enough to beat Cook and the FSU offense? Miami’s defense has benefited from a weak schedule, and it’s highly unlikely its all-freshmen linebacking corps stays perfect on Saturday. They will make mistakes, and the FSU offense will take advantage of them. It’ll be another high-scoring affair, but the Seminoles come out on top with great performances from both Cook and the FSU tight ends.

Mike: I’ve been wavering back and forth on this one and if you asked me before kickoff, I may have a different prediction. Let’s keep in mind that preparing for quality passing attacks like Miami hasn’t been a strong suit for FSU this season and with a more sporadic travel schedule, it could be more difficult. For the time being, I’m taking the home team: Miami 34, Florida State 29.

Edwin: 31-28, FSU. It is more a Dalvin Cook prediction than an FSU prediction and Cook has played excellent against Miami the last two seasons. He has been picking up momentum the last couple weeks both in the running and receiving game. This game will likely come down to the special teams — an area FSU has not been so good at the in the past few weeks. I will take FSU over Miami with Cook extending his 200 yards from scrimmage streak to three consecutive weeks.

Jay: Give me Miami 38, FSU 31. Dalvin Cook has a typical Miami rivalry game, but the defense cant get enough stops to secure the W. Defensive coordinator Charles Kelly’s seat goes from hot to scorching hot.

T.J.: Canes 45, Noles 31. Seven in a row isn’t meant to be. The Noles don’t get enough stops on defense. The offense looks good enough, but can’t keep up with Miami’s.

Robert: For the second consecutive week, I have Florida State losing. Miami will beat the Seminoles, 42-31. It’ll be another good offensive week that unfortunately will be overshadowed by the lack of defense.


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