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Virginia – NC – Texas: All Racist Gerrymandered States &/Or Voting Laws Last 3 Months

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    Brooklyn Nole

    Fed Courts, including some conservative judges too, are smacking down the racist states. This is great.

    One issue I have always disagreed with the Democratic Party on is their support of “minority-majority” districts. It’s race based and unacceptable for the same reason I oppose Affirmative Action (though I do think it was necessary for some period of time – but that time has long past).

    Some Dems feared loss of seats in Congress should the racist states break up the minority districts to dilute their power. The fear was real; but so what. But now I am happy to see the party walking away from this – probably because their actuaries have determined that given the rising number of minorities in many states the risk of loss is small and making the racists spread out the minorities into other districts will turn many “dead red” districts into right leaning but competitive districts.

    The added benefit of this is the GOP will have to be more careful about nominating fire breathing retards who have no competition. This will dampen the hard right influence on the GOP to the rest of the country’s benefit.

    I also like that the fact a HUGE 2020 election which will have a massive influence on the re-drawing of districts, just like the 2010 GOP wave election, will be in a year where there will be immense Dem energy to defeat the Orange Snowflake.

    I see more racist state gerrymanders getting torched in the near future as well.

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