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    Sooooo…here we are, hip deep in the month of July and no clear idea of who will be under center (or in shotgun formation) this coming season.

    It has been said, and I don’t know whether it’s true, that Taggart adjusts his offense to a considerable extent to the QB. Assuming this is the case, what does everyone expect to see if Blackman gets the job? I’m thinking the QB runs the ball a lot if its Francois, but just don’t see that as a great idea if it’s Blackman.



    Good question Scribe. I see Blackman running the ball more a roll out option, rather than a close to the line run pass option, or designed runs. He’s an upright, long strider.



    That makes sense, but in terms of frequency, am inclined to think Slim Jim would run the ball far less frequently than would be the case if Frenchy got the job. If so, it sort of suggests a fairly different approach to play-calling if only because Frenchy will give the secondary more to think about when it comes to covering the run.

    I’m honestly struggling to say I have good, objective reason to think that Blackman is the better pure passing QB, but I don’t, although it sort of feels that way. I know, I know: anecdote! But I don’t have hard numbers, and even if I did, Blackman was a true freshman last year and so any comparison would be badly twisted by that.

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