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    Well, this season is looking more and more like a 4-8 experience no matter how much we hate that, and Wake Forest is a must-win if we’re to get there. Personally, I’d be quite surprised if FSU covered the 11-point spread for this Saturday’s game against Miami. I think it’s a lot more likely we lose by 21.

    Anyone else?


    Edwin Collins

    We are going to win!



    Frenchy just doesn’t have “it”. The O-line doesn’t do him any favors, but I just don’t think he’s smart enough to be a QB. He doesn’t seem to be able to process information very fast, thus his terrible read option execution. Maybe it’s too much weed.



    Without either of the back-to-back turnovers, I think FSU would have held on to win. Ricky can be counted on to make a big kick when it doesn’t matter, and miss a relatively easy kick when it does matter.

    I don’t think D12 is very good with the read option, or even getting the ball out before a receiver is open. He holds the ball too long.

    Progress with this team is slow. The offense simply isn’t helping the defense at all.



    I was just telling my buddy that same thing about Frenchy. He can’t run the read option and he can’t throw guys open.

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    In the second half against Miami, D12 was holding the ball as long as possible, and then trying to gun the ball. It’s one thing to step into throws, but it’s another thing to try to overpower throws. John Elway is the only QB that could routinely do the latter with any kind of accuracy. D12 is not Elway.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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