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    FSU has now joined the basketball schools who say “wait until basketball season”. Football is a mess, and basketball has potential, so here we go.

    FSU is predicted to finish 6th in Men’s Basketball.

    13 OoC games – FSU should really only have upset potential in 3 of them – UF, UConn, and Purdue. One of the opponents is a tournament game and isn’t known yet.

    Let’s say FSU goes 11-2, because Lenny is the coach.

    In the ACC, @ Virginia, Miami (2), Duke, @ Pitt, @ BC, Clemson (2), GA Tech (2), @ Syracuse, Louisville, Wake (2), @ UNC, Notre Dame, NC State, VA Tech.

    I predict losses –
    UVA, UM, Duke, BC, Clemson, Syracuse, UNC, Notre Dame

    I predict wins –
    UM, Pitt, Clemson, GA Tech (2), Louisville, Wake (2), NC State, VA Tech

    That puts FSU at 21-10 & 10-8 going into the ACCT. 10-8 should be good enough for a first round bye. FSU goes 1-1 in the ACCT and gets a 5 seed in the NCAA Dance.

    FSU actually matches up well with Duke and Notre Dame, and plays both at home. I think FSU has a good chance at winning both of them. FSU could also drop a game or two to UM, VA Tech, or Clemson.

    I think 10-8 is most likely, followed by 9-9, and 11-7.



    They beat the brakes off of UF last night.



    FSU looked pretty good. They were playing loose, and playing pretty good defense.

    They still gave up too many offensive rebounds, and still committed too many turnovers.



    Villanova turned out to be the unknown tournament team, and FSU lost a game it should have won. It’s not a bad loss, with good wins over UF, UConn, and Purdue.

    8-1 OoC so far, with SE Missouri, North Florida, Saint Louis, and Winthrop left. Saint Louis and Winthrop should not be treated lightly. That said, FSU should be 12-1 heading into ACC play.

    I now think this team has a possibility of going 11-7 in ACC play, and possibly even 12-6 if Cofer comes back strong.

    Turnovers continue to be a problem, but that’s normal for a Hamilton coached team. Not acceptable, but normal.

    This is a very experienced team that will win a few games despite Lenny being the coach. This is Lenny’s best chance for a Final 4 appearance.



    FSU bettered my prediction by a game, finishing OoC at 12-1. Lost to defending national champ ‘Nova. ‘Nova hasn’t been great this year, but the loss isn’t considered a bad loss.

    Now comes a brutal January conference schedule.

    This team’s weakness is turnovers. I heard an analyst discussing the turnovers as if just a slight improvement will be enough. I disagree. FSU must value the basketball to excel in ACC play.

    Sticking with my ACC record projections, though I think some of individual wins and losses may be different. The bad news is FSU plays some of the worst teams on the road, where anything can happen.

    Miami, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Syracuse have not been as good as predicted so far this season. NC State has been better than expected.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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