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2nd week of camp – preseason predictions

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    Francois will start against VA Tech.
    Hockman will push for playing time, and be #2 on the depth chart.
    Blackman will play in 4 games, but will redshirt under the new rules.

    FSU will go 9-3.

    The offense will be top 20.

    The defense will surprise and be top 10.

    The defense will get at least one shutout.

    FSU will beat UF and UM.

    Brian Burns will get double digit sacks.

    Cam Akers will get over 1000 yards rushing.

    Two other RB’s will get over 500 yards rushing.

    Terry will be the leading receiver, with 3 receivers getting over 500 yards.

    FSU will get 2 punt returns for a TD.

    FSU will get 1 KO return for a TD.

    The offense will give up less than 30 sacks.



    Actually that all sounds pretty good, but it won’t be a surprise if the defense is top 10. I get the concerns about the linebackers as a group, but good Lord, look at the quality and depth at defensive line.



    The problem with the LB’s hasn’t been talent, it’s been scheme and coaching. Pugh was underutilized, and never was quite sure where he fit in. Was he a LB or DE?

    Read and react isn’t a bad approach, but the LB’s were often slow because they had to think too much. The LB’s were also terrible in coverage, often out of position.

    I think the new approach is better because it allows the athletes to play. Yes, they are a couple of years behind just because of coaching, but they have a chance to catch up now, with better coaching and a simpler scheme.



    Revisiting my predictions –

    Francois did start against VA Tech.

    Hockman pushed hard for playing time, but ended up number 2 or 3, and transferred to a JC, and will sign with NC State.

    Blackman played in 4 games and redshirted.

    FSU obviously did not go 9-3.

    Offense was closer to 120 than 20.

    The defense was inside the top 40 for awhile, and rushing D was around the top 10 through 8 games, before the wheels came off. I actually blame the offense for about half the problems with the defense.

    The defense wasn’t even close to a shutout.

    FSU lost to both UM and UF. FSU should have beaten Miami though. 20 point lead headed into the 4th quarter.

    Burns got 10 sacks.

    Akers got 706 yards rushing.

    Patrick got 378 yards rushing. Rasul got 46.

    Terry was the leading receiver. Terry and Murray both had 744 yards, with Gavin having 415, so I was close on that one.

    I predicted 2 punt returns. Matthews had 1.

    I predicted a KO return. Not even close.

    I predicted the offense would give up 30 sacks. They gave up 36, including 5 in the last game.

    I summary, I was right on 4 and wrong on 11.

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