The Daily Nole

The Daily Nole — June 2, 2021: Season Ends for FSU Men’s Golf in NCAA Quarterfinals

Florida State athletics

Happy hump day, Florida State fans.

As your week starts to head downhill, check out our daily rundown.

Lead Story

Florida State men’s golf’s stellar season came to an end on Tuesday in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Championships. The Seminoles fell short against Pepperdine, 3.5-1.5.

The first three matches went to the Waves. Joe Highsmith clinched the match for Pepperdine by beating FSU’s Cole Anderson, 2&1. Vincent Norrman and Brett Roberts were also defeated for the Seminoles. The lone FSU victory came from John Pak, who topped William Mouw, 1 up.

With Pepperdine having already clinched, FSU’s Frederik Kjettrup halved his match with Dylan Menante after 20 holes. The Waves went on to beat Oklahoma State in the semifinals and will face Oklahoma for the national championship on Wednesday.

Between the Lines

The NCAA Men’s Golf Championships was the only scheduled FSU athletic event for Tuesday.

On the Agenda

There are no FSU athletic events scheduled for Wednesday.

News and Notes

FSU men’s golf’s John Pak was named the winner of the Fred Haskins Award.

FSU men’s tennis’ recruiting class for 2021 was named the best in the nation by

Helpful Links

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The Osceola: Oxford Regional: Team by team preview
Chop Chat: FSU football: Reaction to ‘Midnight Madness’ event is crazy

Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson


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