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Your Thoughts Thursday: FSU Baseball Will Reach Super Regional Round in 2020

FSU athletics

With baseball season just one day away, we decided to forecast the 2020 season for Florida State.

In this week’s The Daily Nole Poll, we asked our followers how far the Seminoles would go in year No. 1 under head coach Mike Martin Jr. Just about everyone had FSU making the NCAA Tournament, but most have them advancing.

Of the 161 accounts to respond, 42 percent see FSU reaching the NCAA Super Regional. 33 percent think the Seminoles will get to Omaha for a third time in four years. 21 percent predict a Regional exit for FSU and just 4 percent said it will miss the NCAA Tournament completely.

Our Take
We’re going to go with those who opined on this one.

With a beefed up non-conference schedule, getting a top-8 national seed may be tough, but there is reason to believe that FSU will host a regional. The Seminoles lose some key bats, but return a very experienced pitching staff to include C.J. Van Eyk, Conor Grady, Jonah Scolaro, Clayton Kwiatkowski, Antonio Velez and Chase Haney among others.

Under the current format, FSU has advanced to the Super Regional 17 times in 21 years. It’s hard to bet against the Seminoles in a regional.

FSU certainly has some promising young talent and could wind up being a good offensive team. The Seminoles are capable of getting to the College World Series, but expecting it in the first year under Martin might be asking too much.

Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson. Like The Daily Nole on Facebook. To pitch an idea, author a post or to learn more about The Daily Nole, email Mike Ferguson at


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