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Your Thoughts Thursday: Clemson Will Beat FSU by Multiple Scores

Mitch White/FSU athletics

The horrors of the college football bye week are behind us, just in time for the horrors of a match-up with reigning national champion Clemson to confront us.

Florida State used the much-needed break to prepare for what will undoubtedly be its toughest game of the season, where it will be in the confines of a fan base still upset from what happened in 2013.

So, Florida State fans…how do you think this weekend will go?

These results are not unexpected. A vast majority of FSU fans believe Clemson takes this one and more than half by multiple scores. 52 percent picked the Tigers to win with some ease while 12 percent predict a 1-score game in Clemson’s favor. 36 percent of the 125 accounts that responded have the Seminoles leaving Death Valley with a victory.

Our Take
We’re completely in line with the fans on this one. The funny part is that we actually think FSU will make this a somewhat competitive game for the first two quarters. Many fans probably agree with our assessment.

The offense is a legitimate threat to any team in the nation, regardless of how bad the offensive line truly is. They will frustrate the Tigers and keep FSU within striking distance for a good while. The defense will be energized and probably hold out for a couple of quarters as well.

Yet it’s almost impossible to see FSU playing to that level for four quarters. Despite Clemson showing weaknesses on offense over the first few games, the Tigers still have a vaunted defense and playmakers all across the board. They have more depth at some positions than FSU can handle. That will become quite apparent as the fourth quarter starts ticking away.

We think Clemson will pile on a bit at the end and make it look more convincing than it really was. Clemson 45, FSU 24

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