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Your Thoughts Thursday: All White is FSU Football’s Top Non-Traditional Uniform

Damon Herota/FSU athletics

While many of you spend the day wearing the red, white and blue, color schemes were also the topic of this week’s The Daily Nole Poll.

This week, we asked our readers which non-traditional Florida State football uniform combination was best. We received 173 total responses. No selection received as much as 40 percent of the vote, but topping the list was the all white look with 38 percent.

Next was all garnet with 25 percent of the vote before white jerseys on garnet pants, which received 23 percent. 14 percent went with FSU’s all black “Unconquered” look. One follower who voted for all white chimed in that the all garnet look was best prior to the design change in 2014.

Our Take
Although FSU’s uniforms were redesigned in 2014, there is some nostalgia associated with my choice. That’s why I like the white jerseys and the garnet pants.

Prior to last season’s contest with NC State, that look had not been worn since 2007 against Florida. Growing up however, it was a common uniform combination and there’s some nostalgia associated with the look from my days as a child.

While there were losses, the white on garnet look was donned in FSU’s win at Miami in 1996, the top-5 victory over North Carolina in 1997, Peter Warrick’s masterful performance against Clemson that year and of course, the 2003 contest where P.K. Sam hauled in the game-winner from Chris Rix to beat Florida.

The all garnet look was worn back then as well, but not quite as often. The all white look was revived in 2003 for the opener against North Carolina after not being worn in more than a decade. All the listed combinations are nice, but the white jerseys and garnet pants gets my vote.

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