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Letter: What’s Ahead at The Daily Nole

Hello readers,

As many of you have probably noticed, we took a short hiatus this week to make some changes as referenced in our most recent piece. The Daily Nole will continue to bring you original Florida State athletics coverage, but now in a new way that keeps with the spirits of the site’s “daily” title.

Moving forward, each day will have a theme. The site’s contents will not be limited to the daily theme, but this will give a clear blueprint for what to expect on a weekly basis. As we see it, this separates us from other FSU sites that do great work, but keeps the comprehensive nature of our publication.

Here’s a look at what you can expect each day of the week, beginning on Monday:

On My Mind Monday
Each Monday, we’ll feature a piece called “On My Mind Monday”. This may be a series of thoughts concerning FSU athletics, a list of personal favorites or well-researched answers to a question that the author has. This will be one of the more flexible daily pieces.

Hot Take Tuesday
This will probably be the most self-explanatory piece done on a weekly basis. This will be a weekly “hot take” or column about a controversial issue or a contrarian view on what is going on in FSU or college athletics. Who knows? Maybe we’ll say something you haven’t thought of before.

What to Watch For Wednesday
With most big-time FSU athletic events taking place late in the week or on the weekends, “What to Watch For Wednesday” will provide a big picture preview of what’s on tap for Florida State athletics late in the week or over the weekend.

Your Thoughts Thursday
Some of you who follow us on Twitter may remember “The Daily Nole Poll”. We’ll be bringing that back by posting on our social media pages and letting you weigh in on the issue. A longer, formulated take on the posed question will be provided in article form along with the results.

Fun Fact Friday
Each Friday, we’ll have a “fun fact” piece related to FSU athletics. This could involve an interesting current or historical nugget that hopefully only a few have noticed or realized.

Seminole Summary Saturday
The most comprehensive piece on a weekly basis will likely be on Saturday. This will provide recaps, news, recruiting commitments and individual and team recognitions for all FSU sports — or at least those in season. Much like our daily rundowns once had, there will be a lead story at the top.

Centerpiece Sunday
Each Sunday will bring something of an “enterprise” story. We expect this will be a thorough article, story or report that is in depth — often with interviews. Most of these pieces will be historical in nature, relevant to a current hot topic in FSU athletics or highlights good works being done by former or current Florida State athletes and alumni.

Above is what you can expect to be staples of The Daily Nole moving forward, but that isn’t all. We also hope to interact more with our audience, followers and readers and even open up the floor for guest contributions and feedback.

If ever anyone wants to take on one of the aforementioned weekly pieces, just contribute with a guest column, become a regular contributor or submit an idea for an article, email We’ll also be looking for pieces about good works done by former FSU athletes or alumni or work with small business owners, who sell FSU-related items to come up with a mutually beneficial way to help market or sell your product.

We look forward to a fresh start and thank everyone for their support,
Mike Ferguson
Editor of The Daily Nole

Mike Ferguson is the editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWFerguson

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