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FSU’s 2016 Recruiting Class Superlatives

Jeremy Esbrandt/FSU athletics

We’re more than a week removed from Florida State cementing one of the best recruiting classes in the country. The next step is finding out what difference they can make on the field and how soon. Here’s a look at some of the things that can be expected out of members of this year’s highly-touted class:

Most Likely to Contribute Next Year

Levonta Taylor

Despite being a 5-star cornerback, Taylor probably won’t be starting too many games at that position. Instead, Taylor seems like a lock to take the punt returning job away from Jesus Wilson, who was struggled mightily since being named the starter last year. Taylor’s senior season saw him return 10 punts for 163 yards and 10 kickoffs for 338 yards. He is clearly talented is this area and should be able to contribute immediately in 2016. He might not be at a Greg Reid level of explosion, but he will be in time.

Most Likely to Switch Positions

Carlos Becker

This selection is cheating a bit since Becker is typically seen as a general defensive back, but some services do have him as a cornerback. Becker’s athleticism could honestly help him succeed at both. But the one thing that everyone agrees about on him is his physicality. Becker is a hard hitter that can tackle like a linebacker, making him a perfect candidate for a switch to safety. If he does indeed switch and gets coached up for a year, he could be an instrumental part of the defense.

Most Likely to Redshirt

Jauan Williams

There are probably multiple players in this class that will be given a redshirt in 2016. Williams was chosen because he appears to be the most obvious. He probably has the highest ceiling of any offensive lineman in the class, but he will need at least a year to reach it. Giving him a redshirt for 2016 would be very beneficial to both parties, considering that he would not get much playing time at all with an experienced line coming back.

Best Chance at Winning the Heisman Trophy

Malik Henry

Realistically, it will be very hard for a non-quarterback to win the Heisman given FSU’s offense and current talent situation. Dalvin Cook is one of the most talented players of the past decade and he didn’t even finish top 3 in Heisman voting. Malik Henry is the man with all the hype around him, and it’s not hard to see why. He has talents (arm strength, mobility, pocket awareness, anticipation) that few come across very often in recruits. If he can live up to his potential at FSU, he could at the very least be in the running for a Heisman.

Most Underrated

Josh Brown

Brown is one of those recruits that almost gets forgotten because he committed so early in the process (Sept. 21, 2014). Have no doubt, some have discussed the possibility of Brown getting play time next year because of the skill set he brings. He’s an outside linebacker with tremendous closing speed that uses his size to his advantage. With how thin FSU has been at linebacker, Brown might be the player that comes in and shocks people with how impactful he is.

The Biggest Unknown

Keion Joyner

As many will remember, Joyner at one point was a top 100 prospect before missing his senior season for disciplinary reasons. Despite this, Joyner still ranks very highly in terms of what he can bring as a linebacker, mainly with his awareness and football IQ. Some have even postulated that he can be the best linebacker of the class if he can progress like many expected him to. While that is a bit more contentious, it cannot be denied that he has all the tools to be a great linebacker. If he can keep his head on straight, everyone will be able to see just why Joyner was so highly ranked heading into this recruiting cycle.

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