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Thread: Fraterno-American.com

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    Re: Fraterno-American.com

    Fraterno? Sounds like some new concoction at Starbucks.

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    Re: Fraterno-American.com

    I frat because.......

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    Re: Fraterno-American.com

    I need to get Rjox and RTM on here. I don't know if Rhurner would come here b/c he has never shown much interest in political discussions. We have a private OX Politics board on FB. I am going to recruit some of them over here as well.

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    Re: Fraterno-American.com

    Is that some sort of homo-erotic thing? NTTAWWT
    King Jackass

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    Re: Fraterno-American.com

    The Fraternity Member Appreciation threads were legendary. They caused the infamous "girlcot." Clownsrule came up with the name Fraterno-American.

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    Re: Fraterno-American.com

    Hurner is here


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