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Thread: IAEA: Iran meeting commitments on nuclear agreement

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    IAEA: Iran meeting commitments on nuclear agreement

    VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has started taking action to comply with the terms of an extended agreement with six world powers over its disputed atomic activities, a U.N. nuclear watchdog report obtained by Reuters on Wednesday showed.

    The findings in a monthly update by the International Atomic Energy Agency - though no major surprise - may be seen as positive by the West ahead of the expected resumption next month of negotiations on ending the decade-old nuclear dispute.

    The IAEA document made clear that Iran is continuing to meet its commitments under the interim accord that it reached with the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia late last year and that took effect in January.

    In addition, as agreed when the deal was extended by four months in July, it has begun using some of its higher-grade enriched uranium to produce fuel - a step that experts say would make it more difficult to use the material for any bombs......."

    http://mobile.reuters.com/article/topNe ... 0?irpc=932

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    Re: IAEA: Iran meeting commitments on nuclear agreement

    With Iran’s long history as a dedicated state sponsor of terrorism, I wonder if the bigger worry for the west is not so much them possessing powerful weapons (which they would be wise to not dare**launch against their 2 most powerful enemies, Israel and the US) They already possess the nuclear material to create extremely dangerous WMD in the form of “dirty bombs”. And I would think passing along that kind of weapon to terrorists would be possible for them, and would have less chance of “traceable fingerprints” allowing the west to link the use of it to them. I won’t go into the same depth something I posted about just within the month on Warchant, but I suspect their internal calculus is to not want to attack the west. They would hold the possibility in reserve, including activating dormant terror cells they have set up in this country, maybe for such time as Israel or the US was to take hostile action against them or their nuclear facilities. So this might be a positive sign, but I’m not convinced Iran won’t be able to put itself in position to really hurt our country, if their internal calculus ever changes……regardless of whether we keep their nuke program under wraps.

    [**well, there is one idea though that some of their clerics have an apocalyptic vision of the future, including destruction that is fated at the time of the “coming of the 12th Imam”. So it’s conceivable that someone could be in power in their theocracy who would not worry about destruction, because they think that the time for the end of the world has come.]

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    Re: IAEA: Iran meeting commitments on nuclear agreement

    That may be true, but there are moderating forces within Iran which will hopefully continue to grow. At some point the power of the mullahs may be successfully challenged by the modern secular forces in Iran.

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