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Thread: White House invites Indian leader to dinner, but...

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    White House invites Indian leader to dinner, but...

    ... he's fasting. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

    What do you serve for dinner at a meal where your guest of honor is fasting?

    For the White House, the answer appears to be compressed avocado with goat cheese and baby bell peppers, crisped halibut with ginger carrot sauce, and mango creme brulee.

    President Obama hosted new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on Monday for a working dinner, in a meeting pitched as an opportunity for the two leaders to meet for the first time and lay out their agenda for a series of bilateral talks on Tuesday.

    But Modi, who is observing the Hindu festival of Navratri, is in the midst of a nine-day fast where all he consumes is water, occasionally flavored with lime.

    The Indian prime minister smoothed over any etiquette questions by encouraging the others at the table to not “feel embarrassed and please continue with your food,” Syed Akbaruddin, a spokesman for the Indian Foreign Ministry told The Wall Street Journal.

    The Embassy of India in the U.S. tweeted a picture of the menu, which also included succotash, roti crisps and saffron basmati rice.


    Amateur hour continues....

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    Re: White House invites Indian leader to dinner, but...

    I don't have a problem with this.

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    Re: White House invites Indian leader to dinner, but...

    Seems more appropriate to have invited him over for an afternoon meeting where they all shared some bottled water. Eating in front of a fasting man? I couldn't do that.

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    Re: White House invites Indian leader to dinner, but...

    Modi can decline, or sip water during dinner. I think most administrations would have called and floated the idea of dinner, and asked about dietary restrictions and the like, but Obama is a narcissist and can't be bothered.

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