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Thread: Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

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    Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

    1. Donít you wish FSU would play a game that turns into an offensive shootout once in while? Now pardon me while I go to the store to buy a new calculator. The old one burned out.

    2. Jacoby Brissett Ö for a while there (right around the time it was 24-7) I was wishing he stayed in Gainesville instead of transferring to NC State. That is until I remembered Ö. oh yeah, we play them. He couldnít have transferred to someplace like Michigan? I hear they need a QB.

    3. We now finally have that indoor facility we needed. Apparently we are now in need of more tackling dummies.

    4. See if you can guess the phrase used most by Gene Deckerhoff during the game.
    A. Turnover Florida State
    B. Touchdown Florida State
    C. Missed tackle by Florida State
    D. @#*^(%&)&!!!! (after yet another missed tackle by Florida State)

    OK, I admit I did make up that last one. At least Gene didnít say it. Thatís all Iím saying.

    5. Trivia question. How many FSU defenders does it take to tackle Brissett? We will get back to you when said event happens.

    6. So let me get this straight. FSU throws for a first down only to be nullified by a timeout called by NCS and then after a TV commercial with play about to resume thatís when you guys in the replay booth THEN decide to review the previous play. ????? What the heck were these guys doing during the TV break Ö. out at the concession stand getting a soft drink and salted pretzel? And just to confuse the whole play more, the ref on the field comes back and announced the pass was incomplete. If there was a timeout called before the ball was snapped how could the pass be called incomplete?????? ACC refs Ö you gotta love Ďem. Or not. But definitely one of the two.

    7. I am going to take a wild guess thatís not how Jimbo and the team intended the opening drive of the second half to end.

    8. Oh look!!!!!!!! A missed tackle. Sure didnít see a lot of those in this game.

    9. Deckerhoff commenting on the personal foul on NC Stateís number 75: ďThatís even better than Christmas!Ē All I can say is Geno must have one very weird Christmas.

    10. And speaking of personal fouls as in the one on the Packís number 94 ÖÖ. OMG am I glad the TV cameras cut away real quick from that DL lining up for the next play. We were bordering on a wardrobe malfunction there. If you missed it, letís just say there was a tad too much cleavage. The wrong kind of cleavage if you get my drift.

    Bonus Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

    11. How could the Wolfpackís number 82 have stepped OB short of the first down marker on their last drive of the game?? Didnít he see that big thick yellow line indicating the yard line to reach for the first down? I know I clearly saw it watching on TV.

    12. I just want everyone to know that there is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that Michigan is planning on changing the school colors to malaise and blue.

    13. Speaking of the gatros (their Ö) aka crocs of XXVI Ö.. good news for our cross state brethren Ö. they didnít lose today.

    14. Matt Millen following a long completion by Wyoming against the Spartan defense, ďI just donít understand how you can get behind this defense.Ē Isnít the usual culprit where the receiver runs right past the defender who then uses that well known technique call turn and chase? Matt played football as I recall right?

    15. After watching Syracuse last week and those really butt uuuuuuugggggly (not to be confused with NCSís number 94) uniforms they had on, I was sure they could not get any worse. Watching the ĎCuse play Notre Dame Saturday night, I was wrong. Very wrong. Really wrong. Dreadfully wrong. Did I say I was wrong?

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    Re: Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts


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    Re: Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

    New York's Lt. Governor tweeted:

    OK- my last official decision tonight:
    Change the S.U. uniforms - being worn tonight against Notre Dame.


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    Re: Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

    #5 made me laugh out loud in the conference room while I'm working with a bunch of people. Well done and great list.

    And thank goodness the tv guys cut quick on the cleavage shot.
    Just a puppy kicking, children starving, grandma shoving, kitten throwing, evil, vile, nasty, disgusting, racist, sexist, bigot.....or so I've been told. :)

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    Re: Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

    I went to the game, and the review was mind numbing. Call timeout, no review, line up for the play after the timeout, now there's a review.

    When you see a game in person, it's easy to know how the review will turn out. If the home team doesn't show the play on the big screen, the review will go against them.

    Too bad NC State wasn't flagged for some blatant pass interference calls.

    The NC State crowd booed every time one of our guys got injured.

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    Re: Infamously Random and Marginally Meaningless Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill From Tampa
    1. Donít you wish FSU would play a game that turns into an offensive shootout once in while? Now pardon me while I go to the store to buy a new calculator. The old one burned out.

    Sure was an exciting game. Throw out the Citadel game which Iím not sure anybody not in the FSU footprint got to see on TV. But our games against OSU, CU and NC State have all been really compelling viewing. High TV ratings should help maintain FSU as a top network choice.
    This game, when we went down 24-7, I was like ďwow!Ē, we could have an incredible upset brewing. But it didnít last long enough for me to get worried. When we went down 38-28 with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd, that was when I thought we were in serious trouble. But once again the offense kept responding, Rashad Greene should be on all the Heisman lists. Too bad Jameis sucked all the oxygen out of the room for FSU. But Rashad has caught the ball in big numbers for every single QB heís played for in his career, and did it again last week for Sean Maguire. If he was on an FSU team this good and hadnít been overshadowed coming into the season by Winston, FSU would have gotten him more press and heíd definitely be top 10 if not top 5 on most lists.

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