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Thread: Sen. Mary Landrieu helps college students do keg stands

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    Sen. Mary Landrieu helps college students do keg stands

    Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) has taken a stand on a number of issues throughout her tenure in the Senate, but on Saturday the congresswoman helped take a new kind of stand - a keg stand.
    The Louisiana State University Tigers played the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Baton Rouge over the weekend, drawing fans and Landrieu. As the festivities continued, pictures began surfacing of the congresswoman offering her help in a popular tailgate pass time.

    Mother Jones' Tim Murphy shadowed Landrieu throughout the event and covered the keg stand.
    Recalling the event, Murphy wrote, '"My first keg stand," Landrieu says, as we walk away. "He wanted me to do it, but I said absolutely not—at least not in front of the national press." What if it would've won her some votes? "That's alright—I'm not that desperate."'

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    Re: Sen. Mary Landrieu helps college students do keg stands

    Quote Originally Posted by The Tradition
    "That's alright—I'm not that desperate."'
    Yes she is.
    Just a puppy kicking, children starving, grandma shoving, kitten throwing, evil, vile, nasty, disgusting, racist, sexist, bigot.....or so I've been told. :)

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    Re: Sen. Mary Landrieu helps college students do keg stands

    Mary has a big "D" tattooed on her forehead. I don't think everyone's forgotten her deal with the devil.

    I'm pretty sure the Deepwater Horizon drilling moratorium will be remembered as well. Mary is currently working for Harry Reid, not the people of LA.

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