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Thread: Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

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    Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

    Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

    1. Ho hum. Just your average come from behind take it to overtime game you see every week. Why eighty some odd thousand fans would want to stay to midnight just for that is beyond me. Karlos Williams is glad you did.

    2. Dabo Swinney when asked right before kickoff why he thought his team had a chance to beat the number one team in the country at Doak said, “We’re good enough.” Close Dabo but (aside from the fact that they don’t allowing smoking in the stadium) no cigar.

    3. Memo to Dabo: You need a kicker. And no you cannot have ours.

    4. And speaking of said Florida State kicking specialist, from Gene Deckerhoff describing Roberto Aguayo’s 50 yard attempt as it was in the air, “IS IT LONG ENOUGH?!?! IT IS!!!! IS IT GOOD?!?! IT IS!!!!” Geno just does not get into the games enough does he. He is going to have to work on that.

    5. Nineteen game winning streaks are NOT overrated.

    6. When you are need of a big defensive stop on 4th down and less than a yard what do you do? You turn to “ie” as in Eddie and Reggie.

    7. You didn’t need to be an expert lip reader to understand Sean Maguire who summed up a lot of Seminoles’ feelings when the TV cameras caught him saying “OMG!!!!” following the fumble recovery by his defensive teammates that was preceded by an air mail special INT by the redshirt sophomore QB. Thanks for the early Christmas present there Clemson.

    8. Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday show held on FSU’s Landis Green: “Sam Ponder, will you go to homecoming with me?” I’m guessing the answer will be no. Just a guess mind you.

    9. And speaking of said college football pregame show, it was obviously a slow sports news week as they had absolutely NOTHING to talk about the entire three hours in taking viewers to kickoff. Not one thing at all. Nada. Zippo (not a Marx brother btw). Less than zippo.

    10. And for those that attempt to insult Florida State University by calling it a girl’s school .... two words ….. Gabby Reece …… who appeared on Gameday to guest select Saturday’s games. I’ll take that insult all day long. Hey Gabby …. great pick on that Miss St/LSU game.

    Bonus Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

    11. In watching said Gameday show, I got the distinct impression that ESPN’s Paul Finebaum is not well liked in Tallahassee. I could be wrong though.

    12. Other than three missed FGs and a game opening kickoff that went OB, that kicker for Kansas State is pretty good don’t you think?

    13. Following their 65-0 win last week over The Sisters of the Perpetually Trampled, congrats to the gatros (their ….) aka crocs of XXVI in yet another sixty plus point outburst. UNFORTUNATELY, Alabama had 42 of those 63.

    14. The defensive secondary of the gatros (their … oh you know the rest by now)...... they are really, really good!! That is if the other team runs the ball 100% of the time.

    15. Just a thought, but Virginia Tech …….. they should schedule Ohio State every week. Just a thought.

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    Re: Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

    Love reading these Bill! I have enjoyed this virtually every Fall Sunday for over a decade.

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    Re: Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Hesitantly Random and Superficially Meaningless Thoughts

    One of the best parts of fall Sundays is reading your Randoms.

    And Clemson was good enough to beat us, they just kept pulling "Clemsons" .
    Just a puppy kicking, children starving, grandma shoving, kitten throwing, evil, vile, nasty, disgusting, racist, sexist, bigot.....or so I've been told. :)

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