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Thread: The Fed's Laughable GDP "Forecast" Just Got Even Funnier

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    The Fed's Laughable GDP "Forecast" Just Got Even Funnier

    We're back! Yellen scares the hell out of me....

    What in January 2012 was a 2014 GDP forecast range of 3.7%-4.0% collapsed to 2.1%-2.3% in June (because clearly the Fed couldn't possibly forecast snow in the winter), and three months later is now 2.0%-2.2%. In short, a 43% forecasting error.

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    Re: The Fed's Laughable GDP "Forecast" Just Got Even Funnier

    and you've got this

    One Of The Smartest VCs Of All Time Has An Ominous Warning For The Tech Industry

    Respected venture capitalist Bill Gurley is sounding the alarm on the startup industry.

    In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Gurley says the current environment reminds him of the tech bubble that formed in the late 1990s.

    Every incremental day that goes past I have this feeling a little bit more. I think that Silicon Valley as a whole or that the venture-capital community or startup community is taking on an excessive amount of risk right now. Unprecedented since ?'99. In some ways less silly than '99 and in other ways more silly than in '99.

    Gurley adds, "No one's fearful, everyone's greedy, and it will eventually end."

    Gurley is a partner at Benchmark. He's invested in Uber, OpenTable, and Zillow. Benchmark has invested in Snapchat, Quip, Yelp, and many more.

    Private companies are raising giant sums of money some as much as $500 million, says Gurley. When you have that much money, you have to spend it, so companies are upping their "burn rate," or the amount of money they're willing to lose to grow their businesses.


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    Re: The Fed's Laughable GDP "Forecast" Just Got Even Funnier

    We will need over 3.5% growth in Q3 & Q4 to average over 2% for the year. I just don't see it, especially after seeing the August job numbers.

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    Re: The Fed's Laughable GDP "Forecast" Just Got Even Funnier

    The Party of Fudged numbers will be along soon to correct you two :roll:

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    Re: The Fed's Laughable GDP "Forecast" Just Got Even Funnier

    I mentioned the August job numbers as an indicator. The June and July jobs numbers were revised down.

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