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Thread: "Obamacare has destroyed my family"

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    "Obamacare has destroyed my family"

    If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Until your plan is mandated out of existence, which is exactly what happened to Pattie Curran, a North Carolina mother of three. Pattie says that she has witnessed her family’s health insurance coverage slip away with the implementation of the mandates of the “Affordable” Care Act.

    Two of Pattie’s sons were born with a rare bone marrow dysfunction syndrome combined with a secondary mitochondrial disease, which require continuous specialists visits, treatments, and pricey medications. Pattie’s family has been covered by a private health insurance plan provided by her husband’s employer of 9 years, a plan which Pattie says her family considered to be affordable prior to Obamacare and under which they were never denied coverage of a single medical claim.

    Pattie recently sat down with me for an on-camera interview in which she describes the first indication of major changes to her family’s healthcare costs. One medication, required to protect her son’s kidneys from damage, suddenly more than doubled in price from a $131.75 co-pay for a 3-month supply, a price Pattie says remained the same from 2005-2010, to $281.47 in 2011.

    Pattie further relates feeling “shocked and horrified” as her family continued to see increases in the price of the prescription, reaching its present day out-of-pocket cost of $708.00 for a 3-month supply. She asks, reasonably, “How is that affordable when, before Obamacare, no paperwork, $131.00 for a 3-month supply and now it’s $708.00?”

    After 2011, the Currans experienced further increases in their premiums, deductibles, and medication co-pays. The situation has created a heavy financial burden for their family, forcing them to open several lines of credit in order to obtain their medications. Despite paying cash for their out-of-pocket expenses whenever possible, Pattie says that her family went from having zero credit card debt to over $60,000.00 in just a few years, all of it medically related.

    Pattie indicates that her husband’s employer has been forced to seek further cuts to the company’s health care package in order to offset the expenses of the Obamacare mandates. Prior to their 2014 open enrollment Pattie received a notice stating that, due to the additional mandates going into effect for 2014, the company’s healthcare costs were expected to increase by $7.4 million above the $64 million paid by the company in 2013. She has now learned that her children’s life-saving compounded medications will be dropped from coverage altogether this month.


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    Re: "Obamacare has destroyed my family"

    that is one f##ked-up piece of legislation...
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    Re: "Obamacare has destroyed my family"

    but but but.... it's affordable!

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    Re: "Obamacare has destroyed my family"

    Sounds like she didn't qualify for the subsidies before, but unfortunately will be pretty soon. We are going to hear a lot more stories like this from upstanding taxpayers in the coming years. All of this just to address an over-exaggerated problem.

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    Re: "Obamacare has destroyed my family"

    Quote Originally Posted by Guckster
    but but but.... it's affordable!
    It wasn't for me. I had to drop my policy.
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