Since we all agree body cams are a great idea....

Man Claims Racism Against White Cop, Body-Cam Proves He Lied

Has the obsession to find racism where it doesn’t exist gotten so out of hand that it is clouding people’s common sense? Apparently it has and this story is yet another example of an individual that was willing to tell outright lies in order to manipulate the public into believing that ‘white’ people are inherently bigoted toward blacks.

Last month Keith Jones and his two sons, ages 9 and 12, were walking back to their parked vehicle after attending a Raiders game when he noticed that the garage door to the fire station he works at had been left open.

Mr. Jones entered the building to make sure it was secure and was exiting the open door when a police officer, who was responding to a call about a possible burglary at that location, pulled up and told Jones and his boys to put their hands up.

According to Jones, the officer had his hand on his gun and was in a shooting stance. Jones further asserted that he spoke to the officer and stated, “Sir, my name is Keith Jones. I’m an Oakland fire fighter. I work here. Those are my kids. Could you please allow them to put their hands down and let them know that it is okay?” He added that the officer responded by saying, “Keep your hands up and don’t move.”

In the local news channel interview, Jones also proclaimed, “I think [police] view black males as a threat.”

Obviously this man perceived this confrontation as one based solely on the fact that he and his sons were black and the responding officer was white. He apparently believed this enough to complain to the fire chief at the station, do a public news interview and file a complaint against the officer.

However, there usually are two sides to every story, and in this case the officer was lucky enough to be wearing a body camera in order to protect his career and his reputation. Had he not been wearing it, he probably would have faced disciplinary actions at a minimum.

Take a look at these two videos. The first is the on-camera interview that Keith Jones gave to the local news regarding the incident:


This second clip is from the body camera that the Oakland police officer was wearing during the same incident:

Video #2

It can’t be denied that the second video presents a much different reality than the one Mr. Jones would have liked everyone to believe.

Do you think that we have a serious problem in the United States with some individuals perpetuating unfounded accusations of racism toward whites?

Given rare evidence such as this, I have to wonder how many more occurrences happen each year in which accusers of racism twist the truth in order to further the narrative that they are being unjustly profiled.

How many of the accused have been punished; had their lives destroyed because they didn’t have the benefit of video proof to combat the lies?