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Thread: Rubio: ISIS is what happens when America walks away

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    Rubio: ISIS is what happens when America walks away

    Marco Rubio WaPo OpEd:

    President Obama’s call on Wednesday for the United States to lead an international military campaign in the Middle East has the potential to begin a departure from the isolationism that he and former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton have advocated during their years in office. There is a risk, however, that the president’s focus on a counterterrorism campaign akin to those waged in Yemen and Somalia, and his reliance on regional partners to deal with the challenge posed by the Islamic State, could lead to the continuation of what has been the most disengaged presidential foreign policy in modern American history.

    From his focus on prematurely ending wars in the interest of “nation-building here at home” to his abandonment of America’s traditional allies in an effort to placate America’s enemies, President Obama has made it clear that he is different from his post-World War II predecessors. The question now is whether, facing this new threat, the president will rise to the occasion and truly reassert American leadership.

    Five and a half years of the Obama/Clinton worldview has given Americans a graphic and often horrific view of the chaos that is unleashed in the world when America walks away from its traditional role as the guarantor of global security. From Syria and Iraq to eastern Ukraine and the South China Sea, we are seeing what the world will look like if our leaders continue choosing detachment: more violence, rivals and partners alike taking advantage of our inaction, and a steady increase in threats to our citizens and to our prosperity.


    As he “bears witness” to their violations of international order, President Obama likes to levy the charge that America’s foes, from Vladi*mir Putin to the Islamic State, are on the “wrong side of history.” But presidents are not supposed to be witnesses to history; they are supposed to help shape it in America’s favor. Those of us entrusted with public service are called to lead not in the world as we wish it were, but rather in the world as it is. The world is more connected than it once was, and recent history has proved that without American leadership, global instability threatens not only our national security, but also our economy and our very way of life.

    Leadership demands shaping public opinion, not chasing it; speaking the hard truths on complex issues; and rallying the American people to confront the difficult challenges of our time. And those who seek to lead our country should understand that the world needs more American engagement, not less. Decisive and targeted use of America’s military, diplomatic and economic power will not only defeat the Islamic State and deliver us from this crisis, it will also strengthen America and ensure our long-term security.

    A key lesson from President Obama’s first 51 / 2 years in office is that isolationism and disengagement, no matter how they’re disguised, only put more American lives at risk.


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    Re: Rubio: ISIS is what happens when America walks away

    Way for the loyal opposition to rally 'round the president when he announces a policy that is mostly in agreement with what you want to do. Not to mention Rubio's wrong on almost every count, including why there is any ISIS at all and what is driving the chaos. Let republicans run on invading Syria if they have the guts they claim to have. Unfortunately last time it was other people's guts they left on the ground of the ME.

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    Re: Rubio: ISIS is what happens when America walks away

    And how long should we have stayed in Iraq? 15 years? 20 years? A generation? We've been in Iraq for well over a decade now and the region is still as messed up as the day we got there. Perhaps we should just accept that that place will be in turmoil no matter what we do instead of pretending that everything would have been peaceful if only we would have still been at war with them.

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    Re: Rubio: ISIS is what happens when America walks away

    Hey, it's just like Hamburg and Hiroshima - nice place for the troops to hang out and families visit. Let's stay 70+ years!

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    Re: Rubio: ISIS is what happens when America walks away

    I've never voted for a democrat but I will gladly vote for whoever runs against this moron in 2016. He truly sux

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