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Thread: So is it time to start worrying yet?

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    So is it time to start worrying yet?

    We clearly have some issues. We didn't score a single TD in the entire second half.

    We have clemson coming up. I think a lot of tonight was us playing real conservative due to the pretty wet field, and the losing 3 defensive starters.

    Still think we kinda puttered along most of the game.

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    Big issues. i hope we fix them but at least we had last year. Funny how this year was supposed to be our big year too.

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    The first four possessions resulted in four TDs. Then we got conservative. I'm not worried (except maybe looking ahead to Notre Dame... their win against Michigan was very impressive indeed). I do think our defense will not be anywhere near as good as last year.

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    Just to add a little levity to the thread I'll throw this in here. This is a post from a Cane on the Hokie board supporting Urban Liar.

    Originally posted by um1978grad:

    Originally posted by Hampton Roads 6:

    Meyer was a good coach and a good man when at Florida. When he went to Ohio I lost all respect I had for him.

    Seriously? You seem extremely ignorant and classless. Urban Meyer and Frank Beamer are longtime friends and their wives are as well. Are you special needs or something?

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    Are we as good as last year? Probably not. I do think we are still good enough to win our regular season games and make the playoffs.

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    I'm a little worried. We have better athletes and should have stuffed them. Against Clemson, we won't be running around at will, and the defense better show up.

    I am hoping we just went in accepting that we'd get a win, and just planned to get it over with.

    We will find out soon enough.

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    Too soon to tell, but our D certainly hasn't looked impressive so far. We lost a lot of leaders on that side of the ball.
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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    Need to get off the field on third down. That hasn't happened the first two games. Lots of missed tackles. Reminds me of the first year after Amato came back.

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    Re: So is it time to start worrying yet?

    Belem and Finance are right here. We'll probably need to score at least 30, maybe 35 against Clemson. I know Jawja ran all over them, but I'm not so sure we can do that. It's not time to panic, but now I think we drop at least one game.
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