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Thread: Job Numbers

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    Job Numbers

    Job gains in August fell below 200K to 142,000, well below expectations. The headline unemployment number went from 6.2% to 6.1%. Jun and July numbers were both revised down. The labor participation rate is also down.

    The average work week remains unchanged at 34.5 hours per week.

    I take no pleasure in being right on this one. I'm sure the White House will spin it as a positive, saying it's not as good as was hoped for, but it's still good. They'll talk about the Q2 GDP, ignoring Q1.

    This doesn't bode well for Q3 GDP numbers. I fully expect Q3 GDP to come in at 2% or less, which is in effect negative growth when real inflation is factored in.

    This is the way it will stay as long as liberals keep putting headwinds in front of job creation, and making it comfortable for people to be out of work.

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    Re: Job Numbers

    They should put it on a T-shirt- "It's not as good as was hoped"

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    Re: Job Numbers

    A record 92,269,000 Americans 16 and older did not participate in the labor force in August, as the labor force participation rate matched a 36-year low of 62.8 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    The labor force participation rate has been as low as 62.8 percent in six of the last twelve months, but prior to last October had not fallen that low since 1978.

    Welcome back, Carter!


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    Re: Job Numbers

    Extremely low labor participation rate and a high percentage of part time jobs for those that are working.

    We have an insane amount of federal government influence on job creation, starting with Obamacare, and including the NLRB interfering with Boeing, the EPA trying to shut down the coal industry, and on and on.

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    Re: Job Numbers

    - Neither Economic Boom nor Recovery Is Underway; Fundamentals Are Not in Place to Fuel or to Support Such a Circumstance
    - Latest Median Household Income Reading Confirmed Severely Impaired Consumer and Economy
    - Trade Deficit Continued to Widen Year-to-Year Despite Prior-Period Revisions and Unusual Seasonal Factors
    - Net of Inflation, Construction Spending Surge Was Stagnation

    "No. 654: July Median Household Income, Trade Deficit, Construction Spending"
    Web-page: http://www.shadowstats.com?
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    Re: Job Numbers

    But Liberals in control will fix everything....right?

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