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Thread: Gators Schedule

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    Gators Schedule

    Is it fair to all the other teams on their schedule that UF will get an extra week of rest when the other 11 teams on their schedule had to play games and take a chance at injuries?

    Seems like at some point the SEC commissioner or NCAA would step in and put a stop to this kind of crap.

    Even if just the commissioners of the other conferences came forward it would likely put an end to this and force the game to be played.

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    Re: Gators Schedule

    Kinda tough for poor little Idaho to travel all the way to Gainesville twice. According to Google, it's a minimum 10-hour flight with a minimum of two connections (assuming they fly commercial).

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    Re: Gators Schedule

    I look at it this way:

    UF has 11 games to get 6 wins.
    6 of those teams they play are currently ranked.
    They could ride into Tally in November still looking for bowl eligibility.

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    Re: Gators Schedule

    If Florida needs the Idaho game to become bowl eligible, someone will be looking for a new job in December.
    "It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong."

    -- Richard P. Feynman.

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