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Thread: Freedom of Speech?

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    Freedom of Speech?

    Happy Labor Day, America.

    As we celebrate the annual day of paid rest arbitrated into our calendar by powerful 19th century New York labor unions, we at The Daily Caller are also celebrating another milestone: We’re banned from talking to the Department of Labor.

    Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Public Affairs senior advisor Carl Fillichio placed TheDC as well as National Review on the department’s permanent “no-contact list” in a profanity-laden rant at a March 31 staff meeting.

    Fillichio said that an employee that he suspected of leaking to the press “is an asshole” and swiftly put our humble publication on the blacklist.

    TheDC has reported a number of stories about wasteful spending and alleged racial discrimination among current DOL leadership and broke stories about former DOL Secretary Hilda Solis’ official administration trip to Los Angeles to illegally headline an Obama campaign fundraiser, which appears to have caused her to coordinate with the White House about the public release of her schedule.

    As Fillichio railed against employees in the room, his unpopular senior managing director Stephen Barr sat by and said nothing to defend his “career,” or non-political, government employees. Barr is the Washington Post’s former Federal page editor and “Federal Diary” columnist. Fillichio picked him in 2012 to run a multi-million dollar public affairs department with more than 100 employees.

    So let me get this straight: I file a few reports to pay my rent and then the Obama administration bans me and calls (who they think is) my source an “asshole”? These people need me, man, I don’t need them. Okay? I’m going on strike.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/29/obama ... z3Bsq5EIMt

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    Re: Freedom of Speech?

    Freedom of speech with this admin only applies if you agree with them.

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