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Thread: I know racism is dead...

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    I know racism is dead...

    But this St Louis cop sure sounds like one.

    http://m.dailykos.com/story/2014/08/22/ ... h-surfaces

    The St. Louis County police officer who was last seen on tape shoving CNN reporter Don Lemon during a Ferguson, Missouri, protest has been suspended. Not for manhandling the press and protesters on live television, but because tape has surfaced of the officer, Dan Page, giving a virulently racist and violence-peddling speech to the far-right militia group, "Oath Keepers".
    In addition to ranting about "black robed perverts," affirmative action, hate crime laws, Muslims, "sodomites" on the Supreme Court, "sodomites and females" in the military and declaring that the people he meets on domestic violence calls should just "shoot each other and get it over with", and seemingly bragging about killing people, Page manages to hit a gamut of crackpot conspiracy theories. He says President Obama is secretly a Kenyan, and claims he (Page) was briefed on the 9/11 attacks before they ever happened.
    King Jackass

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    I pretty sure it is no Secret that Obama was not born in America.

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    This is the part that bothers me the most -

    He told the audience: “I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot, and if I need to I'll kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed, don't show up in front of me.

    “I’m into diversity – I kill everybody”.

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    Sounds just like the Black Panthers or Black Israelites in Times Square. Everyone's got 'em. Unfortunate that he's supposed to be upholding the law, but he sees things every day that we don't, and I'm sure that has an impact.

    I was just in South Korea, and every single uniformed cop I saw looked to be 23/24 years old. I don't think many of them make a career of it like they do here. Incidentally, I saw more cops there on the street than I do here. But they were not in paramilitary gear, even though the were prepping for the Pope's visit. All they had were riot shields ready. That says a lot about the threat they face (or don't) more than it does about cops over militarizing themselves.

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    Lol, nice shrug of the shoulders shao. We still believe every they say tho right? Dead black guys were asking for it.
    King Jackass

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    I didn't say that, nor did I imply it. I merely pointed out that it's all over the place.

    What I do know is that we have an anti-police demonstration today in NYC from Al Sharpton and his minions over police killing a criminal that was in the criminal act and was fighting with the cops. Never a smart thing to do. The fact is that police killed 29 people here and just 8 last year. Is that too many? I don't know all the circumstances, but I'm glad in general they are here to keep this city safe. I wouldn't have lived here just 20 years ago because of the crime. Now we have an uptick in crime, coinciding with ceasing the stop and frisk policy, because of the Mayor that was elected. If it keeps up, all of the high wage earners and taxpayers will leave, including me, and the people that voted de Blasio in with have the city they wanted.

    I'm not denying that there is brutality and bad cops. They do need more accountability and less paramilitary. They need cameras and not humvees. But, looting, pillaging and other criminal activity under the guise of protests is not the way to get it, and will only get you a more hardened police force.

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    He's a loon and he should not be in law enforcement.

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    Re: I know racism is dead...

    I'm not sure where a person like that should work. I would not want to know someone like that even made my pizza.

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