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Thread: What is Allowed and what is a "No No" ?

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    What is Allowed and what is a "No No" ?

    Just wondering what you mod's will allow and what you won't. I tried looking in the faq but didn't see anything. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What is Allowed and what is a "No No" ?

    There was some discussion in the rules post but it got sidetracked by other topics.

    It seems to be

    no porn
    no over the top profanity
    nothing illegal that will get the board owners in trouble
    no copyright violations
    no racism

    If people don't act like idiots or 3 year olds for hours or days on end, we won't need many rules. I have no plans to over-moderate. A poster said f u to me yesterday and I toyed with him and it passed. No one was banned and everyone laughed about it. I am of the belief that over-moderation causes frustration and anger to fester and grow. Let people vent, within reason, and it ends quickly.


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    Re: What is Allowed and what is a "No No" ?

    What TC said.

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    Re: What is Allowed and what is a "No No" ?

    It's what you get when you let more libertarian minded people be in charge.
    I am going to tear down your safe space
    Brick by brick I shall smash it with glee
    You cannot stop me from getting inside
    I am cold and I am hard and my name is 'Reality'

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    Re: What is Allowed and what is a "No No" ?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Tradition
    What TC said.
    Plus we already have one Brooklyn... The next one goes bye bye..... :geek:

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